Hier könnt ihr ab sofort meine Nagellacksammlung nach Marken sortiert finden.

Wenn ihr zu einem bestimmten Lack Tragebilder sehen wollt, dann fragt mich ruhig! :)
Und ja, ich finde meine Sammlung ziemlich übertrieben mittlerweile... :D

A-England (22/29)

Return to Manderley - Je Reviens
Return to Manderley - Manderley
Return to Manderley - Maxim
Return to Manderley - Mrs de Winter
Return to Manderley - The Scent of Azaleas
Burne-Jones Pygmalion - The Godhead Fires
Burne-Jones Pygmalion - The Heart Desires
Burne-Jones Pygmalion - The Soul Attains
British Subcultures - Mod
British Subcultures - New Romantic
British Subcultures - Pride Without Prejudice
British Subcultures - Punk
British Subcultures - Skinhead
British Subcultures - Swinging London
London Vibes - Camden Town
London Vibes - Covent Garden
London Vibes - Kings Road
London Vibes - London Calling
Poe's Tale - Lenore
Poe's Tale - Nevermore
Poe's Tale - Pallas
Tales from the Tower - Crown Jewels
Tales from the Tower - If the Ravens Leave the Tower
Tales from the Tower - The Princes in the Tower
Tales from the Tower - Yeoman Warder
Moments with Virginia - Mrs. Dalloway
Moments with Virginia - The Waves
Moments with Virginia - To the Lighthouse
Moments with Virginia - Virginia Woolf

Absolute New York (0/5)

Antiques Purple
Kelly Green

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend (1/1)


ANNY (15/21)

092 Ready To Go
145 Desire
208 Glamour Girl
366.10 Illusionist
368.80 Paradise On Earth
383 Midtown Skyline
384 Pool Girl
403 Blue Fashion Show
405 Top Of Emotion
578 Kissing Frog

Limited Editions:
Desert Glam 690 After Dinner Show
Desert Glam 694 Blue Hypnosis
Spooky Glamour in Hollywood 064 Party Is Starting
Route 66 696 Highway To Heaven
Miami Roller Girls 514 Hot To Handle
L.A. Star 469 Project Fame
Celebrities Only 046 Private Party
Fashion Blogger in The City 699 Style Explosion
It's all About Chrome 155.80 Innocent Unicorn Tears
It's all About Chrome 176.60 Magic Candygirl
It's all About Chrome 222.61 Twinkle Twinkle
It's all About Chrome 379.20 Funky Rainbow Drops

ASTOR (2/5)

Limited Editions:
Heidi ♥ Hot Christmas Collection Sensual Candle
Black & White Collection Play The Graffiti
India Collection India Joy
India Collection Mystic Bangalore
India Collection Rich Decoration

Barry M (1/1)

Textured Ridley Road

BeYu (1/2)

816 Pink Candy
997 Violet Illusion

Born Pretty (2/5)

Frantic Fire
Holo Polish 12
Holo Polish 31
Holo Polish 33

Bow Polish (8/17)

Magnetic All-Seeing Eye
Magnetic Ritual
Out of Space Good God
Out of Space Worthless Nights
Out of Space Zodiac
Magnetic Multichrome - Alpha Omega Holo
Magnetic Multichrome - Astral
Magnetic Multichrome - Astral Holo
Magnetic Multichrome - Born Again
Magnetic Multichrome - Born Again Holo
Magnetic Multichrome - Doomsday
Magnetic Multichrome - Doomsday Holo
Magnetic Multichrome - Gravity Holo
Magnetic Multichrome - Meteorite Holo
Autumn 2019 - Fortune Teller
Autumn 2019 - Lunar
Autumn 2019 - Omen

Butter London (0/1)

No More Waity, Katie

BY K (0/1)


casuelle (1/4)

Neon Confetti 01 Let's Celebrate
Neon Confetti 03 Festival Mix
Neon Confetti 05 Say Cheese
Neon Confetti 06 Party Animal

catrice (42/73)

030 Meet Me At Coral Island
200 From Dusk To Dawn
240 Sold Out For Ever
420 Dirty Berry
490 Iron Mermaiden
620 Captain Sparrow's Boat
810 ACid DC
880 No Snow Petrol
910 Oh My Goldness!
915 George Blueney
07 Genius in the Bottle
11 Miss Piggy's BF
12 Walk The Lime
17 Caught On The Red Carpet
30 Lilactric
36 Mint Me Up
38 Vino Tinto
44 Mermaid My Day
46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore
48 Emerald Bay
59 First Class Up-Grape
92 Snow White's Apple Bite
100 Red Goes Nuts
102 London Town at Sundown
113 You R on my Mint
115 Summer Nights' Sky
Ultimate Nudes 01 Karl Says Très Chic
CC Care & Conceal 03 Perfect Beige Skin Twin
Chrome Infusion 04 Unexpected Red
ICONails 15 Milky Bay
ICONails 52 Another Day, Another Blue

Limited Editions:
Cucuba 05 Take It Mint
Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties 04 The Nude Scene
Siberian Call 01 The Calm Call
NEONaturals 05 Have A Good Day
Neo Geisha 04 Dance In Gion
L'Afrique, C'est Chic 02 Quel Bleu Turquoise
Eve In Bloom 04 Rosebuddy
Crème Fresh 01 The Peach Boys
Luxury Lacquers Chameleon 05 Chromeo & Julia
Luxury Lacquers Sand'Sation 03 Sandhopper
Luxury Lacquers Sand'Sation 04 PLUMbeach
Luxury Lacquers Sand'Sation 05 Strawberry BAYquiri
Haute Future 02 Never Green Before
Haute Future 03 iROSEdescent
Haute Future 05 Gem Into The Future
Liquid Metal 03 My Satin Ballet Shoes
Liquid Metal 04 Pink Charming
Liquid Metal 05 I'm Legend-Berry
Million Brilliance 03 Let's Get Lost In Vegas
Million Brilliance 04 Lost 'N Roses
Million Brilliance 05 Plum Fiction
Metallure 01 Alluring Red
Feathered Fall 01 Golden Plum-e
Feathered Fall 02 Peacocktail
Feathered Fall 03 Skies' Force
VISIONairy 04 Greyhound to Nowhere
Rock-o-co 03 Soleil á Solitude
Nude Purism 03 Pure Blue
Doll's Collection 02 Playing In Lavender Heaven
Travel De Luxe 01 Isle Of White
Travel De Luxe 03 Apricot Lane
Travel De Luxe 04 Port Blue
Luxury Lacquers 10 Miss-Terious Red
FALLosophy 01 Mystic Moss
FALLosophy 03 Berrytale
Rough Luxury 02 Rustic Red
Denim Divine 01 Dark Denim Blue
Neo-Natured 01 Maroon Mélange
Neo-Natured 02 Woodlands LiBERRY

Top Coats:
40 I'm Dynamite
Million Styles 02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
Million Styles 04 Return of Space Cowboys

China Glaze (9/16)

Limited Editions:
Poolside - Flip Flop Fantasy
Poolside - Pool Party
Sunsational - Heat Index
Sunsational - Highlight Of My Summer
Sunsational - Neon & On & On
Sunsational - Shell-O
Sunsational - Too Yacht To Handle
Happy Holi Glaze - Elfin' Around
Happy Holi Glaze - This Is Tree-Mendous
Happy Holi Glaze - So Blue Without You
Happy Holi Glaze - Mingle With Kringle
Electric Nights - Can I Get An Untz Untz
Electric Nights - Let The Beat Drop
Electric Nights - Plur-Ple
Electric Nights - Point Me To The Party
Electric Nights - Treble Maker

Ciaté (1/4)

Limited Editions:
Candy Craze
Ginger Snap
Snow Fall
Tangled Tinsel

Cirque (38/61)

Speckled and Sparkled - Acid Wash
Speckled and Sparkled - Hatch
Speckled and Sparkled - Mint Chip
Vice 2016- High Roller
Vice 2016- Plastik
Vice 2016- Sin City
Vice 2016- We Trippy
Facets 2017 - Dioptase
Facets 2017 - Garnet
Kawaii - Vaporwave
Vice 2017 - Socialite
Maison - Lapis Lazuli
Maison - Magic Turquoise
Maison - Succulent Garden
Maison - Velvetine
Holiday 2017 - Coronation
Holiday 2017 - Hygge
Holiday 2017 - Rioja
Metropolis Spring/Summer 2018 - BAM
Metropolish Spring/Summer 2018 - High Line
Vice 2018 - Boozy Brunch
Vice 2018 - Cyber
Vice 2018 - Hedonist
Vice 2018 - Retail Therapy
Vice 2018 - Taboo
Vice 2018 - Wanderlust
Facets 2018 - Emerald
Facets 2018 - Ruby
Facets 2018 - Sapphire
Facets 2018 - Zircon
Metropolis Fall/Winter 2018 - Bowery
Metropolis Fall/Winter 2018 - Famous Original
Metropolis Fall/Winter 2018 - Rockaway
Metropolis Fall/Winter 2018 - Walk on the Wild Side
Dreamscape - Lucid Dream
Dreamscape - Nocturne
Dreamscape - Paradiso
Dreamscape - REM
Vice 2019 - Electric Daisy
Vice 2019 - Miami-Dade
Vice 2019 - Rehab
Facets 2019 - Amethyst
Facets 2019 - Citrine
Facets 2019 - Crushed Ice
Facets 2019 - Peridot
Facets 2019 - Tourmaline
Candy Coat - Snozzberry
Still Life - Robin
Still Life - Trompe L'oeil
Vice 2020 - Euphoria
Vice 2020 - Thirsty
Superfuture - Chroma Rose
Superfuture - Ex Machina
Superfuture - Neo
Superfuture - New Wave
Superfuture - Tomorrowland
Superfuture - Zeitgeist

Claire's (15/36)

All Sorts
Candy Crush
Day Dreamer
Digi Pop
Ditsy Floral Blue
Ditsy Floral Pink
Ditsy Floral Yellow
Forest Fruits
Iced Donut
Liquid Metal Gold
Liquid Metal Purple
Liquid Metal Rose Gold
Liquid Metal Teal
Magic Carpet
Oscar Winning
Pastel Neons
Sea Shells
Sequin Mermaid
So What
White Neons

Colors by Llarowe (39/64)

Black Gold, Texas Tea
Dirty Diana
My Big Girl Panties
The Mighty Red Baron
Young Turks
Blonde Ambition
Gemini Rising
Obsessed with Marilyn
Gingerbread Man
Love, Actually
Mom Jeans
Pirates of Penzance
Falsetto Child
No, I'm Still Tacky
Mocha Grande
Berries in the Snow
Fairy Dust
If You Dare
Santa Baby
Tree of Lights
Chasing a Unicorn
Winter's Dark Nights (Polish of the Month January 2016)
Sir Purr
Bananas and Krispy Kremes are Better Than HBO
Ben Affleck is Sheila's Homeboy
Life is a Highway
You Make Me Smile
Shiny Happy People
Empty Heart
Healing Waters
The Journey Begins
Boulangerie (Indie Shop Exclusive)
Mona Lisa (Indie Shop Exclusive)
Twinkling Lights
Blue Steel (Polish of the Month January 2017)
Hearts on Fire
That Little Green Monster
Who Needs Love?
Siren's Song (Polish of the Month February 2017)
Genovefa of Brabant (Indie Shop Exclusive)
Guardian of the Forest (Indie Shop Exclusive)
The Resistance (Polish of the Month March 2017)
You're a Little Firecracker
Emerald Illusion (Polish of the Month May 2017)
Hello New York! (Polish Con-NY 2017)
Can We Have Trudeau? (Indie Expo Canada LE)
City Streets
Hard to Imagine
Boot Scootin' Boogie (Indie Shop SA LE)
Stars at Night are Big and Bright (Indie Shop SA LE)
Figgy Pudding
Mean Mr. Grinch
Parade of Lights
Plum Ready for Summer
Topaz Fire
80 Degrees
Burning Down the House
Jitterbug (Polish of the Month March 2018)
Spring Forward (Polish of the Month April 2018)
Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Polish of the Month May 2018)
Renegade (Polish of the Month July 2018)
The Grass is Always Greener (Polish of the Month August 2018)
Danke Schoen
There's No Place Like Home (Hella Handmade Creations February 2020)

Colour Alike (1/12)

Snake Prince
Thousand and One Night
Body & Soul
Cheek to Cheek
Don't Be Jealous
Funny Valentine
Ginger & Fred
Kind of Blue, Kind of Green
New York, New York
Purple Swing

Cosmetica Fanatica (0/4)

No. 700
No. 704
No. 709
No. 824

Dance Legend (20/28)

Chameleon 091 Boggs
Chameleon 092 Roz
Chameleon 093 Celia
Chameleon 094 Boo
Chameleon 095 Wazowski
Chameleon The Knight
Galaxy 842 Pulsar
Galaxy 843 Milky Way
Galaxy 844 Comet Tail
Galaxy 845 Big Bang
Galaxy 846 Protuberance
Galaxy 847 Solar Eclipse
Galaxy Phobos
Malibu 591 Humaliwo
Velvet 631
Velvet 649
Mortal Kombat 01 Rain
Mortal Kombat 02 Reptile
Mortal Kombat 03 Sub-Zero
Round Space 1075 Supergalaxy
Round Space 1076 Parallax
Round Space 1077 Intergalactic
Round Space 1078 Wormhole
Golden Eye (Magnetic) 02 Thunderball

Top Coats:
Prismatic Top Coat
Sahara Top Coat
Satin Top Coat
Silver Leaf Top Coat

Different Dimension (0/2)

Extragalactic - Martian
Extragalactic - Morning Star

Edding L.A.Q.U.E (2/3)

148 Mad Mistyrose
170 Absolute Aubergine
173 Loud Lilac

Emily de Molly (3/6)

Clouded Judgement
Dormant Fractures
Hole in the Sky
LE 107
Magnetic Fields
Monet's Garden

Enchanted Polish (40/89)

101 Troopers
Black Cherry Opal
California Raisin
Cherries Jubilee
Cinnamon Wassail
Crushed Velvet
Dark Side
Desert Night Sky
Disco H2O
Fall Semester
Far, Far Away
Football Season
Force Power
Guava Lava
In a Galaxy
Jolly Holly
Kyber Crystals
Liquid Love
Lost Boy
Love Potion
Midnight Magic
Monsters Ink
Moon Water
Mountain Lodge
Opalescent Rainbow
Opal Nectar
Prism of Darkness
Rainbow Ashes
Rainbow Juice (with pulp)
Rainbow Relish
Rare Magic
Reign Beau
Rule Breaker
Somewhere Under the Rainbow
Storm Captain
Sugar Coated
Super Sour
The 90's
Time Travel
Winter Dream
September 2014
October 2014
Holiday 2014
January 2015
February 2015
May 2015
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
Holiday 2015
Holiday 2016
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017
May 2017
June 2017
July 2017
August 2017
September 2017
October 2017
November 2017
December 2017

Enchanted Studio (1/5)

Disco Berry
Shark Tank
Surf Bunny

Esmaltes da Kelly (5/11)

Captain America
Iron Man
Jean Grey
Spider Man
Wonder Woman

essence (44/91)

182 Hello Rosy
Colour³ 06 Ticket To The Show
Effect Nail Polish 17 Never Stop Dreaming
Effect Nail Polish 20 Hidden Garden
Effect Nail Polish 28 Truth Or Dare?
Effect Nail Polish 30 Lady Mermaid
Gel Nail Polish 10 True Love
Gel Nail Polish 12 Mandarine Bay
Gel Nail Polish 21 A Whisper Of Spring
Gel Nail Polish 24 Indian Summer
Gel Nail Polish 25 Prince Charming
Gel Nail Polish 26 Brazil Jungle
Gel Nail Polish 27 Don't Be Shy!
Gel Nail Polish 51 Miss Captain
Gel Nail Polish 54 Dream On
Gel Nail Polish 61 1001 Party Nights
Gel Nail Polish 63 Itsy Bitsy Blue Bikini
Gel Nail Polish 66 Shade Of Happiness
Gel Nail Polish 70 Grey Zone
Gel Nail Polish 78 Royal Blue
Gel Nail Polish 79 So Blue, So True
Gel Nail Polish 80 Jeans On!
Gel Nail Polish 82 My Hula Hoop
Gel Nail Polish 83 Pretty Cool Life
Gel Nail Polish 84 Olive You
Gel Nail Polish 102 I Dreamed a Dream
Gel Nail Polish 106 Loyal Royal
Gel Nail Polish 116 Cozy Rosie
Gel Nail Polish 118 Ultra Violet
Gel Nail Polish 119 Mud About You!
Holo Rainbow Nail Polish 03 Holo Rocks
Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish 53 Honey Honey

Limited Editions:
Season Of Extremes 04 Just The Nude Of Us
A New League 04 Tommy's Favourite Green
Cherry Blossom Girl 01 Fortune Cookie
Cherry Blossom Girl 02 My Little Kimono
Kalinka Beauty 02 East Side Story
Viva Brasil 02 Everybody Salsa
Aquatix 01 Mermaid's Secret
Aquatix 06 Under Water Love
Yes, We Pop! 03 Hello Hipsters
Yes, We Pop! 04 Have Fun
Hello Autumn 01 Beauti-Fall Red
Hello Autumn 02 Meet My Pumpkin
Hello Autumn 04 Keep Calm & Go For a Walk
Hello Autumn 05 Autumn & The City
Oktoberfest 04 Holz oder Michel?
Hidden Stories 03 Mauvellous Fairy
Brit-Tea 01 Tea-Pical British
Brit-Tea 04 Green Tea For Two
¡Arriba! 01 Hola, Guapa
¡Arriba! 02 Macarena Mint
Nauti Girl 01 Ahoy, Boy!
Nauti Girl 02 Oh Captain, My Captain
Nauti Girl 04 Crew First!
Fun Fair 01 You're Mint-Blowing
Fun Fair 04 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
Merry Berry 02 Purple with Purpose
All that Greys 01 Back to Black
All that Greys 02 Step into the Greyzone
All that Greys 03 Greyt Times
All that Greys 04 Girl with a Pearl
All that Greys 05 Roaring Red
Winter? Wonderful! 02 The Semi Matt
Winter? Wonderful! 03 The Iced
Midnight Masquerade 01 Meet Me Midnight
Midnight Masquerade 02 Black Cats Wanted
Winter Glow 01 Miss Frost
Winter Glow 02 I See Ice
Step into Magic Wonderland 01 Elfin Whispers
Step into Magic Wonderland 02 Pink Dreams Are Made of This
Step into Magic Wonderland 03 Chrome into My Life
Step into Magic Wonderland 04 Beat the Winter Blues
Winter Dreamin' 01 Cozy Mountain Mornings
Winter Dreamin' 03 Sleigh Rides & Snowball Fights

Top Coats:
Nail Art Stampy Polish 001 Stamp me! White
Nail Art Stampy Polish 002 Stamp me! Black
Special Effect Topper 02 Circus Confetti
Special Effect Topper 08 Night In Vegas
Special Effect Topper 10 Glorious Aquarius
Special Effect Topper 16 Cool Breeze
Special Effect Topper 22 Black Dress And White Tie
Hugs & Kisses 01 More Than Words
Hugs & Kisses 02 Dreams For Sale
Yes, We Pop! 01 Bubble Gum
¡Arriba! 02 Festival Of Colours
Urbaniced 01 Be My Town Homie!
Merry Berry 01 I ♥ My Golden Pumps
Winter? Wonderful! 01 A Winter's Tale
Wake Up, Spring! 01 Call it Spring!
Winter Dreamin' 01 Ready, Set, Snow

essie (159/289)

1 Blanc
3 Marshmallow
11 Not Just A Pretty Face
14 Fiji
17 Muchi, Muchi
19 Need A Vacation
23 Eternal Optimist
24 In Stitches
27 Watermelon
29 Jam n' Jelly
30 Bachelorette Bash
32 Exotic Liras
34 Jamaica Me Crazy
36 Splash of Grenadine
38 Nice is Nice
41 Island Hopping
42 Angora Cardi
43 It's Genius
44 Bahama Mama
47 Sexy Divide
48 Luxedo
50 Bordeaux
52 Thigh High
54 After Sex
55 A List
56 Fishnet Stockings
59 Aperitif
61 Russian Roulette
63 Too Too Hot
65 Geranium
69 Braziliant
72 Peach Daiquiri
74 Tart Deco
75 Smokin' Hot
76 Merino Cool
77 Chinchilly
78 Master Plan
79 Sand Tropez
83 Mink Muffs
84 Over the Knee
85 Chocolate Cakes
86 Lady Godiva
87 Decadent Dish
90 Dive Bar
91 Midnight Cami
92 Aruba Blue
93 Mezmerised
94 Lapiz of Luxury
98 Turquoise & Caicos
99 Mint Candy Apple
100 Sew Psyched
101 Lady Like
103 No More Film
104 Carry On
105 Power Clutch
106 Go Overboard
121 Topless & Barefoot
516 Nailed It!
Treat Love & Color 95 Mauve-Tivation

Limited Editions:
Cocktail Bling - Bobbing For Baubles
Mirror Metallics - No Place Like Chrome
Mirror Metallics - Penny Talk
Poppyrazzi - Camera
Poppyrazzi - Lights
Bikini So Teeny - Bikini So Teeny
Bikini So Teeny - Mojito Madness
Stylenomics - Don't Sweater It
Stylenomics - Miss Fancy Pants
Stylenomics - Skirting The Issue
Stylenomics - Stylenomics
Leading Lady - Beyond Cozy
Leading Lady - Leading Lady
Leading Lady - She's Pampered
Leading Lady - Snap Happy
Leading Lady - Where's My Chauffeur?
Madison Ave-Hue - Avenue Maintain
Madison Ave-Hue - Go Ginza
Madison Ave-Hue - Madison Ave-Hue
Madison Ave-Hue - Maximillian Strasse Her
Dj Play That Song - Bottle Service
Dj Play That Song - Bouncer, It's Me
Dj Play That Song - Dj Play That Song
Dj Play That Song - Saturday Disco Fever
Dj Play That Song - Shake Your $$ Makers
Naughty Nautical - Full Steam Ahead
Naughty Nautical - Naughty Nautical
Naughty Nautical - Rock The Boat
Naughty Nautical - Sunday Funday
Naughty Nautical - The Girls Are Out
For The Twill Of It - After School Boy Blazer
For The Twill Of It - Cashmere Bathrobe
For The Twill Of It - Twin Sweater Set
For The Twill Of It - Vested Interest
Pink About It - Pink About It
Luxeffects - A Cut Above
Luxeffects - As Gold As It Gets
Luxeffects - Set In Stones
Luxeffects - Stroke Of Brilliance
Shearling Darling - Mind Your Mittens
Shearling Darling - Parka Perfect
Shearling Darling - Sable Collar
Shearling Darling - Shearling Darling
Shearling Darling - Toggle To The Top
Shearling Darling - Warm & Toasty Turtleneck
Encrusted Treasures - Hors D'Oeuvres
Encrusted Treasures - Ignite The Night
Encrusted Treasures - Lots Of Lux
Encrusted Treasures - On A Silver Platter
Luxeffects - Jazzy Jubilant
Luxeffects - Sparkle On Top
Hide & Go Chic - Fashion Playground
Hide & Go Chic - Hide & Go Chic
Hide & Go Chic - Romper Room
Hide & Go Chic - Spin The Bottle
Resort Fling - Cocktails & Coconuts
Resort Fling - Find Me An Oasis
Resort Fling - Under The Twilight
Too Taboo - Chills & Thrills
Too Taboo - I'm Addicted
Too Taboo - Serial Shopper
Too Taboo - Sittin' Pretty
Too Taboo - Too Taboo
Haute in the Heat - Fierce, No Fear
Haute in the Heat - Roarrrrange
Haute in the Heat - Ruffles & Feathers
Haute in the Heat - Urban Jungle
Dress To Kilt - Dress To Kilt
Dress To Kilt - Fall In Line
Dress To Kilt - Partner In Crime
Dress To Kilt - Style Cartel
Dress To Kilt - Take It Outside
Dress To Kilt - The Perfect Cover Up
Pinking About You - Pinking About You
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - Back in the Limo
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - Bump Up the Pumps
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - Double Breasted Jacket
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - Jump in My Jumpsuit
Luxeffects - Rock At The Top
Luxeffects - Summit Of Style
Flowerista - Blossom Dandy
Flowerista - Perennial Chic
Flowerista - Petal Pushers
Flowerista - Picked Perfect
Suite Retreat - Stones N' Roses
Suite Retreat - Suite Retreat
Peach Side Babe - Chillato
Peach Side Babe - Pret-a-Surfer
Peach Side Babe - Saltwater Happy
Peach Side Babe - Sunset Sneaks
Cashmere Matte - Coat Couture
Cashmere Matte - Cozy in Cashmere
Cashmere Matte - Spun In Luxe
Cashmere Matte - Wrap Me Up
Make some Noise - All Access Pass
Make some Noise - Groove is in the Heart
Make some Noise - Make some Noise
Make some Noise - Vibrant Vibes
Leggy Legend - Bell-Bottom Blues
Leggy Legend - Frock'n Roll
Leggy Legend - In the Lobby
Leggy Legend - Leggy Legend
Leggy Legend - With the Band
Virgin Snow - Apres-Chic
Virgin Snow - Virgin Snow
Lounge Lover - High Class Affair
Lounge Lover - Lounge Lover
Lounge Lover - Off Tropic
Lounge Lover - Pool Side Service
Lounge Lover - Shades On
Lounge Lover - Sunshine State of Mind
Starry Starry Night - Cabana Boy
Starry Starry Night - Life of the Party
Starry Starry Night - Starry Starry Night
Mrs Always-Right - Between the Seats
Mrs Always-Right - Groom Service
Going Guru - Dehli Dance
Going Guru - Going Guru
Funships - Funships
Viva Antigua! - Coconut Cove
Viva Antigua! - Loot the Booty
Kimono-Over - Go Go Geisha
Kimono-Over - Kimono-Over
Kimono-Over - Now and Zen
Kimono-Over - Maki Me Happy
Kimono-Over - Playing Koi
Kimono-Over - Udon Know Me
Bussi Bussi - Madame Wiesn
Getting Groovy - Getting Groovy
Getting Groovy - Go with the Flowy
Getting Groovy - Satin Sister
Luxeffects - Glow Your Own Way
Luxeffects - In the Mood Ring
B'aha Moment - All the Wave
B'aha Moment - Designated DJ
B'aha Moment - Excuse Me, Sur
B'aha Moment - On the Roadie
Strike a Pose-itano - Ciao Effect
Strike a Pose-itano - Strike a Pose-itano
Off the Wall - Off the Wall
Off the Wall - The Fuchsia of Art
S'il Vous Play - Blue-La-La
S'il Vous Play - S'il Vous Play
Clothing Optional - Clothing Optional
Clothing Optional - Exposed
Clothing Optional - Mooning
Clothing Optional - Winning Streak
Clothing Optional - Without a Stitch
Fesch-ionista - Dirndl Dream
Fesch-ionista - Fesch-ionista
Fesch-ionista - Funfair Festive
Fesch-ionista - Janker Chic
As If! - As If!
As If! - Dressed to the Nineties
As If! - Girly Grunge
Leather Collection - Back in the Saddle
Leather Collection - In Hot Purse-uit
Leather Collection - Tote-ally in Love
Social-Lights - Social-Lights
Galaxy Metals - Out of this World
Galaxy Metals - Reflection Perfection
Galaxy Metals - Stars Aligned
First Class Fling - I'll Have Another
Desert Mirage - Blue-Tiful Horizon
Desert Mirage - Seeing Stars
Bon Boy-Age - Anchor Down
Bon Boy-Age - Bon Boy-Age
Bon Boy-Age - Perfect Mate
Bon Boy-Age - Stripes & Sails
June in Bloom - Midnight Sun
June in Bloom - SKAL!
The Fuchsia is Bright - Young, Wild & Me
Out of the Jukebox - Pin Me Pink
Fall for NYC - Booties on Broadway
Fall for NYC - Fall for NYC
Fall for NYC - It Takes a West Village
Fall for NYC - Stop, Drop & Shop
Polarlicht - Glow with the Flow
Concrete Glitters - Can't Stop Her in Copper
Concrete Glitters - City Slicker
Concrete Glitters - Night Owl
Serene Slate - Gadget-Free
Serene Slate - On Mute
Serene Slate - Penny Talk
Serene Slate - Press Pause
Serene Slate - Serene Slate
Serene Slate - Toned Down
Serene Slate - Wire-less is More
Touch of Sugar - Reign Check
Tangoed in Love - In Full Swing
Tangoed in Love - Soles on Fire
Tangoed in Love - Strike a Rose
Tangoed in Love - Take the Lead
Tangoed in Love - Tangoed in Love
Gorge-ous Geodes - Gorge-ous Geodes
Gorge-ous Geodes - Of Quartz
Gorge-ous Geodes - Rock Your World
Gorge-ous Geodes - Semi Precious Tones
Gorge-ous Geodes - Stop, Look & Glisten
Gorge-ous Geodes - You're a Gem
Rocky Rose - Into the a Bliss
Rocky Rose - Rocky Rose
Rocky Rose - Yes I Canyon
Sweater Weather - Hay There
Sweater Weather - On the Bright Cider
Sweater Weather - Rust-Worthy
Sweater Weather - Sweater Weather
Game Theory - Ace of Shades
Game Theory - Game Theory
Game Theory - Wild Card
Flying Solo - Without Reservations
Flying Solo - You Do Blue
Sunny Business - Beachy Keen
Sunny Business - Throw in the Towel
Bustling Bazaar - Kaf-Tan
Bustling Bazaar - Spice it Up
Feelin' Poppy - Come on Clover
Feelin' Poppy - Feelin' Poppy
Let it Ripple - Get on Board
Let it Ripple - Tide Of Your Life

Bolt and Be Bold
Don't Hate, Curate
Get a Mauve On

Gel Couture:
Ballet Nudes - Hold the Position
Ballet Nudes - Perfect Posture

F.U.N Lacquer (11/17)

Summer 2015 Collection - Moonlight Nocturne
Christmas 2015 Collection - Cheers to the Holidays (H)
Christmas 2015 Collection - Desires (H)
Christmas 2015 Collection - Frost (H)
Spring 2016 Collection - Siberian Squill
SimplyNailogical Collection - Black Holo Witch
SimplyNailogical Collection - Black Holo Witch (H)
SimplyNailogical Collection - How Deep is Your Holo?
SimplyNailogical Collection - How Deep is Your Holo? (H)
Summer 2016 Collection - Starry Night of the Summer
4th Anniversary Collection - Believe
4th Anniversary Collection - Harmony
4th Anniversary Collection - Incredible
Fall 2018 Hypnotic Polish Collaboration - Chestnut
Fall 2018 Hypnotic Polish Collaboration - Woods
Christmas 2019 Collection - Magician
Christmas 2019 Collection - Peacock

Glam Polish (0/2)

Masters of Illusion - Prest-O Change-O
Darkly Dreaming - Doomsday

H&M (1/3)

A Winter's Tale
Dark Rain
Dragon's Hoard

Holo Taco (2/3)

Frost Light
Midnight Spark
Party Punch

Il était un Vernis (1/2)

Light Box
Live, Love, Laugh

ILNP (42/77)

Limited Editions:
2015 Spring Collection - Peri Me
Ultra Holos - Float On
Ultra Holos - Maiden Lane
Ultra Holos - Missed Calls
Ultra Holos - Mona Lisa
2015 Summer Collection - Summer Crush
2015 Fall Collection - After Midnight
2015 Fall Collection - Diablo
2015 Fall Collection - Lulu
2015 Fall Collection - Mountain View
2015 Fall Collection - Overnight Bag
2015 Fall Collection - Pretty Little Liar
2015 Winter Collection - Home Sweet Home
2015 Winter Collection - Ski Lodge
2016 Spring Collection - Jello Shot
2016 Spring Collection - Night Light
2016 Spring Collection - Valerie
2016 Summer Collection - Interstellar
2016 Summer Collection - Storytelling
2016 Fall Collection - Central Station
2016 Fall Collection - Chocolate Slate
2016 Fall Collection - Industrial Park
2016 Fall Collection - La Cathedral
2016 Fall Collection - Mon Amour
2016 Winter Collection - Fir Coat
2017 New Year's Collection - Arctic Lights
2017 Spring Collection - Aria
2017 Summer Collection - After Party
2017 Summer Collection - Beach House
2017 Summer Collection - Wanderlust
2017 Summer Jellies - Citycape
2017 Summer Jellies - Misbehaving
2017 Fall Collection - Art District
2017 Fall Collection - Ava
2017 Fall Collection - Charmed
2017 Fall Collection - Park Place
2017 Fall Collection - Treehouse
2017 Fall Collection - West Wing
2017 Winter Collection - Rogue
2017 Holiday Collection - Downpour
2018 Fall Equinox Collection - High Voltage
2018 Fall Equinox Collection - Royalty
2018 Fall Equinox Collection - Unfazed
2018 Southwest Sunset Collection - Charlotte
2018 Southwest Sunset Collection - Dusk to Dawn
2018 Color Kissed Ultra Holos After Dark Collection - Candlelight
2018 Color Kissed Ultra Holos After Dark Collection - Revival
2018 Dark Romance Collection - Bardot
2018 Dark Romance Collection - Homesick
2018 Dark Romance Collection - Silhouette
2019 Monarchy Collection - Legacy
2019 Monarchy Collection - Vanity
2019 Snowed In Collection- Bundled Up
2019 Snowed In Collection - Christmas Cookie
2019 Snowed In Collection - Greatness (H)
2019 Snowed In Collection - Say Love
2019 All Nighter Collection - Madeline
2019 All Nighter Collection - Party Bus
2019 All Nighter Collection - You Up?
2020 Hatched Collection - Bluebird
2020 Hatched Collection - Dew Drop
2020 Hatched Collection - Starling
2020 Daydream Collection - Serenity
2020 At Sea Collection - The Lighthouse
2020 Wicked Collection - Annabelle
2020 Wicked Collection - Cursed
2020 Fall Into Winter Collection - Emma
2020 Fall Into Winter Collection - First Snow
2020 Fall Into Winter Collection - Love Language
2020 Fall Into Winter Collection - Staying In
2020 The Ultra Chromes Collection - Shockwave (H)

Top Coats:
Holographic Top Coat - My Private Rainbow (X)

KIKO (62/90)

255 Violet Microglitter
268 Lime Green
275 Black
281 Mango
282 Coral Pink
287 Dark Carmine Red
291 Orchid Pink
295 Cerulean Blue
296 Meadow Green
297 Acid Green
298 Turquoise Microglitter
300 Pearly Malachite Green
326 Graphite Grey
330 Lilac
332 Dark Violet
334 Dark Violet
335 Ink Blue
336 Electric Blue
338 Light Lavender
339 Cornflower
340 Light Blue
341 Cobalt Green
343 Spring Green
345 Jade Green
356 Melon
359 Light Peach
362 Poppy Red
373 Burnt Sienna
374 Pearly Chocolate Noir
377 Apple Blossom
378 Light Plum
379 Eggplant
381 Purple Grey
382 Pearly Gunmetal
385 Pastel Blue
388 Caribbean Green
389 Mint Milk
391 Grass Green
479 Pearly Golden Sesame
480 Pearly Brass
481 Metallic Gold
485 Pearly Coral Rose
488 Pearly Golden Camellia
492 Pearly Red
493 Vino Perlato
494 Pearly Amaranth
495 Pearly Vanda Burgundy
497 Pearly Indian Violet
500 Pearly Oleander Pink
502 Pearly Mexican Pink
504 Pearly Glaze Pink
508 Rose Sand
514 Pearly Golden Coffee
515 Metallic Plain Chocolate
516 Metallic Stone
520 Gentian Blue Metallic
521 Pearly Ocean
522 Pearly Sapphire Blue
524 Blue Multicolor
525 Metallic Pastel Blue
527 Metallic Emerald Green
529 Metallic Beetle
530 Pearly Blue Peacock
531 Pearly Green Butterfly
532 Pearly Amazon Green
533 Pearly Golden Green
535 Metallic British Green

Limited Editions:
Lavish Oriental 399 Silk Taupe
Lavish Oriental 400 Steel Grey
Mirror Nail Lacquer 622 Wisteria
Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer 633 Magenta
Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer 640 Poppy Red
Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer 643 Spring Green
Fierce Spirit Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer 429 Blue Spot
Dark Heroine Laser Nail Lacquer 432 Fluent Red
Dark Heroine Laser Nail Lacquer 433 Gothic Purple
Digital Emotion Digital Nail Lacquer 442 Techno Black
Cupcake Nail Lacquer 650 Peach
Cupcake Nail Lacquer 655 Mint
Cupcake Nail Lacquer 656 Pistachio
Fancy Top Coat Nail Lacquer 661 Magenta
Fancy Top Coat Nail Lacquer 663 Turquoise
Fancy Top Coat Nail Lacquer 664 Sapphire
Life in Rio Sun Show Nail Lacquer 470 Dainty Passion Fruit
Haute Punk Real Glare Nail Lacquer 01 Energetic Peach
Haute Punk Real Glare Nail Lacquer 02 Progressive Red
Haute Punk Real Glare Nail Lacquer 03 Adrenaline Ocean Green
Haute Punk Real Glare Nail Lacquer 04 Keen Cobalt Blue
Frozen Smoothies Nail Lacquer 10 Soft Candyfloss

Top Coats:
228 Sparkle T. Transparent Microglitter

Layla (0/1)

Sorbet Effect Mint Dynasty

Live Love Polish (2/3)

Cosmic Dust
Dark Matter

L'Oréal (4/8)

Le Vernis - 330 Fuchsia Palace
Le Vernis - 334 Violet de Nuit
Le Vernis - 440 Chérie Macaron

Top Coats:
Color Riche 890 Masque Lover
Color Riche 916 Confettis
Color Riche 927 Splash Peach
Color Riche 928 Oulala Blue
Color Riche 929 Graffiti D'Amour

Manhattan (10/31)

Last & Shine 300 Pretty Pink
Last & Shine 350 Meow-Tyful
Last & Shine 550 Gimme More
Last & Shine 560 Red Night
Last & Shine 570 Club Nights
Last & Shine 640 Bring it On!
Last & Shine 760 Moscow Night
Last & Shine 910 I'm an Original
Last & Shine 930 Rooftop Dance

Limited Editions:
Yeah & Yang Wowsabi!
Summer Sound 2 Lime-Up
Community Colours 01 Seasons In The Sun
Community Colours 14 Café Beauté
Community Colours 19 Urban Desire
Visions Of Me 1 Glitter For Life
Visions Of Me 2 Give Me Sparkle
Club Nights 003 Violet Volcano
Birthday Colours 003 Let's Fall in Love
Birthday Colours 008 Sparkling Rose
Birthday Colours 012 Cupcake Addicted
Birthday Colours 014 Purple Pearls
Colour Jungle 002 Wave After Wave
Chameleon Collection 975 Hot Metal Love
Chameleon Collection 976 Pedal to the Metal
Chameleon Collection 977 Chrome-Tastic
Manhattan x Rita Ora 003 Gothic Garden

Top Coats:
Super Nails 01 Captain Sparkle

Masura (31/71)

Golden Collection 1051 My Love Has the Taste of Raspberry Jam
Golden Collection 1053 City of Oz
Golden Collection 1089 Swan Lake
Golden Collection 1117 Mint Milk
Golden Collection 1125 Journey into Night
Golden Collection 1142 Peace in Love
Golden Collection 1146 Night Flight
Golden Collection 1167 Sparkle Teal the End
Golden Collection 1168 Apologize
Golden Collection 1170 The Walking Red
Golden Collection 1171 Blue My Mind
Golden Collection 1173 Lavender Lemonade
Golden Collection 1175 Siberian Iris
Golden Collection 1176 Clary Sage
Golden Collection 1178 Cat-titude
Golden Collection 1179 Holographic Garnet
Golden Collection 1201 The Dark Fusion
Golden Collection 1203 Coolness of Evening Lake
Golden Collection 1224 Starry Night
Golden Collection 1232 Winter Love Song
Golden Collection 1274 Semla
Golden Collection 1284 Forest King Bride
Golden Collection 1285 The Power Inside You
Golden Collection 1309 Blueberry Holo
Golden Collection 1314 Sugar Cranberry
Golden Collection 1328 Frosty Sky
Precious Stones 904-109 Cat's Eye
Precious Stones 904-110 Tiger's Eye
Precious Stones 904-111 Goldstone
Precious Stones 904-114 Lazurite of Fortune
Precious Stones 904-120 Ruby Temptation
Precious Stones 904-168 Magic Citrine
Precious Stones 904-169 Lilac Angelite
Precious Stones 904-171 Mountain Azurite
Precious Stones 904-172 Tourmaline of Passion
Precious Stones 904-173 Smoky Quartz
Precious Stones 904-174 Stellar Aquamarine
Precious Stones 904-176 Oliva Branch
Precious Stones 904-178 Emerald Sari
Precious Stones 904-179 Moire Antique
Precious Stones 904-183 Between Two Rivers
Precious Stones 904-184 Kashmiri Chili
Precious Stones 904-186 Saffron
Precious Stones 904-188 Silk Haze
Precious Stones 904-189 Condiments and Spices
Precious Stones 904-190 Cobalt Damassè
Magnetic Gradient 904-195 The Universe
Magnetic Gradient 904-196 Blue Stars
Magnetic Gradient 904-197 The Diamond Planet
Magnetic Gradient 904-198 The Pillars of Creation
Magnetic Gradient 904-199 Supernovae
Seven Wonders of the World 904-201 Zeus on Golden Cloud
Seven Wonders of the World 904-204 The Pyramid of Cheops
Seven Wonders of the World 904-205 The Colossus Steps
Seven Wonders of the World 904-206 Halicarnassus
Seven Wonders of the World 904-207 Lighthouse Golden Beam
Glare on the Water 904-213 Evening Before the Fireplace
Glare on the Water 904-214 3 Wishes
Magnetic Gradient 904-226 Magnetosphere
Magnetic Gradient 904-229 Sputnik
Magnetic Gradient 904-230 Two Moons of Saturn
Magnetic 2019 904-271 New Year Ball
Magnetic 2019 904-273 Volcano
Magnetic 2019 904-277 Galaxy
Winter Holidays 2019 904-285 Star Cradle
Winter Holidays 2019 904-286 Sun and Stars
Winter Holidays 2019 904-287 Smoky Galaxy
Winter Holidays 2019 904-288 Perseid
Summer Lucky Collaborations 2020 1353 Inner Peace
Summer Collection 2020 1368 Wind Of Change
Summer Collection 2020 1370 Mint Chocolate

Max Factor (0/1)

18 Cloudy Blue

Maybelline (35/52)

Color Show 77 Nebline
Color Show 103 Marinho
Color Show 110 Urban Coral
Color Show 150 Mauve Kiss
Color Show 265 Wine Shimmer
Color Show 549 Midnight Taupe
Color Show 677 Blackout

Limited Editions:
Polka Dots 198 Shooting Stars
Polka Dots 200 Rain Forest Canopy
Brocades 220 Knitted Gold
Brocades 223 Sapphire Stitch
Brocades 224 Rosy Rosettes
Street Artist 01 Boom Box Black
Street Artist 02 White Splatter
Street Artist 03 Urban Vibe
Street Artist 04 Alley Attitude
Bleached Neons 241 Sun Flare
Bleached Neons 242 Coral Heat
Bleached Neons 243 Tropink
Bleached Neons 244 Chic Chartreuse
Acid Wash Effect 245 Lilac Rebel
Acid Wash Effect 246 Mint-Acid-Ittude
Acid Wash Effect 247 Ripped-Tide
Acid Wash Effect 248 Bleached Blue
Vinyl 400 Grey Beats
Vinyl 401 Teal the Deal
Vinyl 403 Record Red
Vinyl 404 Black to the Basics
Be Brilliant 418 Light It Up
Be Brilliant 419 Spark The Night
Be Brilliant 420 Skyline Blue
Be Brilliant 421 Purple Dazzle
Rebel Bouquet 428 Vivid Rose
Rebel Bouquet 430 Bouquet
All Access NY 422 Pave The Way
All Access NY 423 Broadway Lights
All Access NY 424 NY Lover
All Access NY 425 Lady Liberty
Sweet + Spicy 431 Vanilla Venom
Sweet + Spicy 432 Tangerine Tango
Sweet + Spicy 434 Hot Pepper
Sweet + Spicy 436 Crushed Cayenne
Suit Style 442 Business Blouse
Suit Style 443 Suit and Sensibility
Suit Style 444 Red Reaction
Suit Style 445 Style Network
Celebrate! 108 Golden Sand
Celebrate! 439 New York Spotlight
The Blushed Nudes 446 Make Me Blush
The Blushed Nudes 447 Dusty Rose
The Blushed Nudes 449 Crimson Flush
The Blushed Nudes 450 Crushed Petals

Misslyn (17/20)

Limited Editions:
Velvet Diamond 27 Goody Bag
Velvet Diamond 48 Heart-Stopping
Velvet Diamond 56 Honey-Sweet
Velvet Diamond 70 Spark Of Hope
Velvet Diamond 72 Spring Break
Velvet Diamond 73 Oriental Emerald
Velvet Diamond 75 Bubble Bath
Satin Metal 10 Gold-Plate
Satin Metal 11 Copper Rose
Satin Metal 11D Naughty Girl
Satin Metal 11F Edgy
Galaxy Nails 607 Atmosphere
Galaxy Nails Metallic Diamond 86B Satellite War
Sparkling Diamond 85A Close-Up Magic
Smoothie 87M Sweet Blackberry
Neon Matte 02 Illuminating Power
Neon Matte 04 Lightning Stroke

Top Coats:
753 Stardust Top Coat
Python Crackling 708 Reptile
Effect Top Coat 778 Atlantis

Models Own (6/17)

Limited Editions:
Beetlejuice - Copper Pot
Metallics - Green Flash
Speckled Eggs - Duck
Speckled Eggs - Goose
Speckled Eggs - Magpie
Speckled Eggs - Swan
Polish For Tans - Flip Flop
Colour Chrome - Chrome Blue
Colour Chrome - Chrome Cerise
Colour Chrome - Chrome Gold
Colour Chrome - Chrome Green
Colour Chrome - Chrome Indigo
Colour Chrome - Chrome Mauve
Colour Chrome - Chrome Olive
Colour Chrome - Chrome Pink
Colour Chrome - Chrome Rose
Colour Chrome - Chrome Silver

Mundo de Uñas (1/6)

18 Silver
24 Aqua
38 Neon Green
40 Light Gold
42 Holland Blue
51 Tulip

NCLA (11/27)

A Touch of Class
Cookies and Gold
Don't Sugarcoat It!
Drop of Teal
Far North
From LA to Anywhere
Gravitate Towards Me
Iridescent Dreams
Let Them Eat Cake
Lightyears Ahead
Once Upon a Time
Out of this World
Red Square
Saltwater Baths
Spaced Out
Teal the End
The Last Siren
The World Orbits Around Me
Wandering Stars

OPI (14/18)

Limited Editions:
Mariah Carey Collection - Pure 18K Whitegold & Silver
Mariah Carey Collection - Stay the Night
Oz The Great And Powerful Collection - When Monkeys Fly
Mariah Carey Holiday Collection - I Snow You Love Me
Coca-Cola Collection - A Grape Affair
Coca-Cola Collection - Coca-Cola Red
Coca-Cola Collection - Get Cherried Away
Coca-Cola Collection - Green on the Runway
Coca-Cola Collection - My Signature is "DC"
Coca-Cola Collection - Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
Coca-Cola Collection - Today I Accomplished Zero
Coca-Cola Collection - You're So Vain-nilla
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection - Comet in the Sky
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection - Don't Speak Pure 18K Gold
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection - Rollin' In Cashmere
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection - Snow Globetrotter
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection - So Elegant
Fifty Shades of Grey Collection - Shine for Me

Orly (2/5)

Limited Editions:
Mash Up - Pretty Ugly
Secret Society - Lavish Bash
Secret Society - What's the Password?
Smoky - Darkest Shadow
Sparkle - Bling

p2 (28/56)

016 A Little Dream
021 Amber Amour
024 Enchanting Breeze
051 Live The Moment!
100 Open Your Heart!
160 Love Connection
240 Midnight Romance
333 Be My Guy
621 Summer Calling
627 Kind Of Crazy
790 Summer To Go!
800 Creative Pause!
880 Fancy Fairytale
991 Satellite Dreams
996 Before Sunrise
Sand Style 060 Strict
Sand Style 090 Opulent
Sand Style 100 Precious
Sand Style 110 Classy
Sand Style 120 Dreamy
Volume Gloss 070 Funky Babe
Volume Gloss 007 Love Agent
Volume Gloss 009 California Girl
Lost In Glitter 020 Get Gorgeous!
Lost In Glitter 090 Live Intensely!
Leather Matte 080 Thrilling Style
Crisp + Color 010 Honey Fluff
Crisp + Color 020 Peach Icing
Crisp + Color 030 Blueberry Dots
Crisp + Color 040 Violet Glace
Crisp + Color 060 Cotton Candy

Limited Editions:
What's Up? Beach Babe 040 Adventurous!
Keep The Secret 040 Powerful Emerald
Mirror Mirror On The Wall 010 Sensual Purple
Beauty Rebel 010 Bitter-Sweet Purple
Catch The Glow 020 Smooth Gem
Catch The Glow 040 Chilly Breeze
RED I Love You! Simply Matte Nail Top Coat
Daytime vs. Nightlife 201 Fantastic Night
Gold & Crown 010 Brown Splendor
Winter... Who Cares?! 010 I Don't Care!
Winter... Who Cares?! 020 Never Mind!
Winter... Who Cares?! 050 For That Reason!
Winter... Who Cares?! 060 No Matter!
Inspired by Light 040 Illuminating Green
Just Dream Like 021 Mint Flavour Dots
Just Dream Like 031 Cassis Passion Dots
Just Dream Like 041 Lilac Joy Dots
Beyond Lagoon 030 Seaweed Green
Beyond Lagoon 040 Atlantis Purple
Brave and Beautiful 040 Winding Fjord
Fabulous Beauty Gala 040 Desirable Blue
Blossom Stories 010 Flowery Meadow
Blossom Stories 020 Sea of Blossoms
Secret Splendor 020 Illustrious Opal
Secret Splendor 040 Opulent Sapphire
Mystic Whisper 030 Addictive Passion

Painted Polish (4/8)

Desert Dreamscape - Olive Oasis
New Year's Eve Quartet - 2020
Match Made in Denim - Smarty Pants
Out od The Vault - Rainbow Reef
Rise & Grind Quartet - Espresso Patronum! 
Pumpkin Spice & Chill Trio - Pumpkin Spice 4 Life!
Big Bang
Bubble Gum
Double Decker
New York
Salt Water
St. Petersburg
Sun Flower

Polish Molish (0/1)


Powder Perfect (1/2)


Quixotic Polish (1/6)

Queen of Shade

RIMMEL (0/1)

198 Azure

Rival de Loop (2/3)

Limited Editions:
Luxury Nail Collection 01 Golden Glitter
Sand Effect 01
Colour Star Collection 02 Rose Leaf Star

Rival de Loop Young (5/8)

Sand Nails 02 Catch My Eye
Glitter Nails 04 Million Diamonds

Limited Editions:
Addicted To Colours 01 Edgy
I ♥ Gel-Like 06 Berry, Berry Lady
I ♥ Gel-Like 07 Mint, Myself and I
Hollywood Fever 05 Stars & Starlets
Chromatic 01 Gold
Chromatic 02 Silver

Sally Hansen (6/11)

Limited Editions:
Go Baroque 854 Starcrossed
Sugar Coat 230 Pink Sprinkle
Sugar Coat 240 Red Velvet
Sugar Coat 250 Spare-A-Mint?
Sugar Coat 270 Laughie Taffy
Sugar Coat 400 Sweetie
Sugar Coat 500 Razzle-Berry
Sugar Coat 600 Sour Apple
Velvet Texture 680 Deluxe
Holiday 2015 200 Winter Wonderland
Holiday 2015 250 Rum-pa-pum Plum

S-he Stylezone (0/2)


Spell Polish (1/1)

Miss Fortune

Starrily (6/7)

Bite Marks
Diamond Rain

Superchic Lacquer (0/2)

Awkward Turtle

Tips (0/1)

Holiday Collection - Gift

Trend It Up (4/9)

Double Volume & Shine 070
Double Volume & Shine 090
Double Volume & Shine 210
Double Volume & Shine 370
Shimmer Matte 020

Limited Editions:
The Metallics 060
Sparkling Glamour 010
Sparkling Glamour 050
Magical Illusion Holo Nail Top Coat

Zoya (16/26)

Pixie Dust Alice
Pixie Dust Arabella
Pixie Dust Carter
Pixie Dust Chita
Pixie Dust Chyna
Pixie Dust Cookie
Pixie Dust Elphie
Pixie Dust Godiva
Pixie Dust Juniper
Pixie Dust Liberty
Pixie Dust London
Pixie Dust Lorna
Pixie Dust Nyx
Pixie Dust Stevie
Pixie Dust Vespa
Pixie Dust Waverly
Matte Velvet Iris
Matte Velvet Veruschka
Ultra Pixie Dust Noir
Ultra Pixie Dust Oswin

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